Law Students

One of the ways Riley & Jacobson, PLC hires lawyers is by identifying exceptional law students for our Summer Associate program. 

We provide summer associates with an authentic legal experience, including by assigning work similar to work performed by first- or second-year associates.  Each summer offers different opportunities, as our summer associates engage in substantive, challenging, and meaningful work on active client matters.  For example, summer associates may: attend depositions, hearings and/or trials (and help prepare for the same); help prepare or respond to written discovery; participate in strategic planning sessions with clients; and draft portions of trial and appellate briefs.  Summer associates also benefit from the individual counsel and feedback that our experienced attorneys provide, while having the opportunity to interact with and get to know our attorneys in informal settings.

To apply for a Summer Associate position, please submit a cover letter and resume to:

Elizabeth Gonser
Recruiting Partner